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Custom Laser Etching & Color Printing

Submit your design and we will provide you a mock-up image for you to review your, unique, custom laser etched device.
  • Purchase your product from us, or send it in.
  • Control the design process and individualize your product.
  • Create a unique and personalized gift for love ones.
  • Build and retain clients and partners with the power of branding and gifting.
  • Monetize your content - Convert your digital content to $'s using our branding, content loading, and custom packaging services.

MacMedia, Inc.

Apple Authorized Reseller MacMedia, Inc. is a privately held local owned company operating in the state of Arizona and serving clients nation wide. MacMedia, Inc. was founded in 1999 to provide service for customers needing Apple computer repairs at reasonable prices. Having met that need, we were encouraged to expand the business to offer Macintosh sales and consulting services as well. MacMedia currently operates two retail locations and sells Apple's full line of laptops, desktops iPods and iPads.Please stop by any location service center (no appointment needed) for questions on your mac repair.

Our Vision

Since 1976, Apple Computer has remained an industry leader in product design. Their devices continue to be innovative both in style and functionality, separating them over and over from the competition. It is our vision at ETCHamac to expand on this tradition by providing yet another way to express your self. We felt that accessories alone aren't enough, and that the Apple consumer is thirsty for new and unique ways to personalize their digital lifestyle. What could be more personal then tattooing your skin? Perhaps getting that same tattoo on your laptop, iPad or iPod. Essentially this is what ETCHamac is; a tattoo parlor for your device. Using CO2 or YAG lasers. we can etch every from corporate identities to personal logo's creating a precision end product that is as permanent as a tattoo, but much less painful! You ask it, we etch it. Call today!
Best of Show 2006

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